rise! The annual salary is 200000. Don't worry about raising it! Asian Dragon vs red flag HS5

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rise annual salary don worry

There are a lot of consumers for those “ Cart ” Still obsessed , Because it has a very wide space , It can basically meet the user's comfort when riding . Cars with large space are certainly more popular , I don't know the next Asian Dragon and red flag HS5 Can it attract you . Let's take a look at its performance .

models : Toyota Asiatic dragon 2019 paragraph 2.5L Touring Noble edition

The guided :24.48 Ten thousand yuan

Let's take a look at the Asian Dragon 2019 paragraph 2.5L Touring Appearance of noble Edition , The front of the car looks quite sporty , Use exaggerated lines , Match with multi frame Chinese open , It looks a little more young . meanwhile , The headlights of the car show a sharp design style , The shape is very attractive .

Look at the tires , The specifications of the front and rear tires of the car are 235/45 R18, Multi spoke rim design is adopted .

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