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big official announcements jiangling ford

Sell Jiangling heavy truck in time , It proves that JMC is actively preparing for transformation , The determination to move forward lightly . And the appointment of Xiang Dongping , It further proves that JMC Ford formulated and implemented “ Become a leader in the light commercial vehicle industry and a supplier of Ford's cost-effective products ” Strategic vision attitude .

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near 8 end of the month , JMC Ford announced two big news one after another . First, Volvo truck and JMC officially signed an agreement ,100% Acquisition of Jiangling heavy truck and its production base in Taiyuan ; Second, marketing hero Xiang Dongping takes over Xiong Yi as vice president of Jiangling Ford and general manager of passenger car company .

One of the two messages points to the business architecture adjustment , One is simple personnel appointment , There seems to be no necessary connection . But from the bottom logic , Both of them are the key signals transmitted by JMC Ford's strategic transformation , It marks the acceleration of the excavation and penetration of Jiangling Automobile from the field of light commercial vehicles to the field of passenger vehicles .

Focus on the main business , Jiangling Ford “ A strong man DuanWan ”

8 month 23 Japan , JMC and Volvo truck have reached an agreement through consultation , Signed the agreement on the company's sale of trading equity to Volvo trucks 《 About Jiangling heavy truck Co., Ltd 100% Equity transfer agreement of equity 》. Volvo China Truck official website later issued a statement :“ Through the acquisition by JMC 100% Jiangling heavy truck, the holding company , Volvo truck will establish a wholly-owned Volvo truck production base in China , Better serve China, the world's largest truck market .”

from 5 The heavy truck company was listed for sale at the beginning of this month , To 8 At the end of the month, the buyer and the seller make a final decision , After three months of heavy trading, JMC finally settled the dust , At the same time, it also means that JMC will completely withdraw from the heavy truck business , It's done “ A strong man DuanWan ” The key step .

In the eyes of insiders , Jiangling's withdrawal from the heavy truck market at this time is an important measure to achieve the company's strategic vision .

2012 year , The plan of Jiangling Automobile to establish Jiangling heavy truck is , With the advanced heavy truck technology and profound experience of Ford, a joint venture partner for many years , At the time of a new round of technology and product upgrading in China's heavy truck industry , Seize the medium and high-end market of heavy trucks . But in terms of the current market , The pattern of China's heavy truck market, which has been leading for many years, has been determined , It is difficult to leverage the market share only by the foreign technology mode of Jiangling heavy truck .

This can also be confirmed from the market performance of Jiangling heavy truck . Since the product was introduced to the market , Although the industry has a good reputation , But the market sales have not been able to open the situation . JMC announcement shows , Jiangling heavy truck 2019 Years of losses 3 One hundred million yuan ,2020 The annual loss increased to 5.2 One hundred million yuan .2020 In, the total liabilities of Jiangling heavy truck were 12.69 One hundred million yuan , Total assets are 7.99 One hundred million yuan , It has become a subsidiary of Jiangling Motor “ Big losers ”, It is also the biggest obstacle to the development of JMC “ Burden ”.

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