The electric strategy has been updated again. BMW is still the radical teenager

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electric strategy updated again. bmw

I'm still the same teenager , Nothing has changed . In recent days, , According to media reports , BMW Group said , It is planned to be released in the next two years 4 A pure electric car . To 2023 About... Will be available worldwide in 12 A pure electric model , Plans to launch pure electric BMW 5 system 、BMW X1, And pure electric BMW 7 The department and the MINI COUNTRYMAN Follow on models . To 2023 year , BMW Group will be around 90% Provide at least one pure electric model for each product line in the market segment of . BMW CEO oliver · Zipzer expressed ,“ We will be fully committed to electric vehicles , It is possible , Because the current conditions are ripe .” Although Oliver · Zipzer looked confident , But netizens are not so , Instead, I think BMW's plan is a little radical .“ Have doubts .”“ Even the pure electric platform hasn't been launched yet , But it is of no damn use .” Such comments .

in fact , Fanlv combed the information and found , BMW's radicalism is already the norm . As early as this year 3 month , BMW has said , Expect to 2030 year , Half of its sales will come from pure electric models . Soon after, BMW announced , Its 2030 The annual sales target consists of 700 Ten thousand cars were upgraded to 1000 Thousands of cars , When the MINI Will only produce and sell pure electric models . Go back even further , Earliest available 2013 year . Have to say , In the development of new energy , BMW actually took a detour .2013 year , BMW has launched two new energy models ——i3、i8, This is for BMW, which is in the early stage of new energy development , This is a “ Milepost ” Like a thing . However , It is generally accepted in the industry , Both cars are more radical , One looks like a super sports car , One size is too small , Not for mainstream consumers . Final , BMW i8 stay 2020 It was announced to stop production in , In its 2014 After going public in, it lasted for 6 In the life cycle of years , Only sold 2 Thousands of cars . Besides , According to a source , BMW i3 Will also be in 2024 Annual shutdown , And there will be no successor . after i3、i8 Of “ Explore... Boldly ” after , BMW has not put its product line “ Carry forward ”, Instead, it adopts the mode of oil to electricity .“ Obviously , Using oil to electricity , The existing platform can be used for transformation , It reduces the production difficulty and production cost , It's very flexible . But the way of changing oil to electricity also has great disadvantages , That is, pure electric vehicles have no personality , The competitiveness is not strong , Especially in the face of a new power company like Tesla .” Some professionals analyze this . This analysis makes sense . Check the data of fanlv car and show , BMW ix3 Less than five months after listing, it was officially demoted 7 Ten thousand yuan ,“ fracture ” Behind the price , In the first half of this year, the cumulative sales volume was only 7,330 car . Although it has not yet been published 7 The latest independent sales data of the month , But take Beijing as an example ,iX3 7 The monthly number of cards is 228 car , To a large extent, it is lower than Weilai automobile ES6 Of 428 car , Not to mention compared with Tesla .

Maybe I realized the disadvantage of changing oil to electricity , Or maybe it's because Volkswagen has already developed an exclusive platform for pure electric vehicles ——MEB platform , And its products are mixed in the European market , last year , BMW finally decided to launch a pure electric vehicle platform , It is reported that , The new platform will be in 2025 A new plant in Hungary was put into operation after . Although Oliver · Zipzer said , The reason why I came to 2025 The exclusive platform was launched only in , Because they expect that it will be the time when the demand for pure electric vehicles really begins to explode . But compared with other manufacturers , BMW is still half a beat slower .

BMW's current advantages in pure electric vehicles , It's not as big as a fuel car . So BMW really needs to change , Otherwise, in the era of new energy vehicles , Competitiveness and voice will gradually lose . But before the launch of the pure electric platform , I can only wish BMW's radicalization a good result first .

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