The first car of young people, the new Kia lion run street, has a very high-grade appearance

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In recent days, , Xiaobian obtained a group of real car pictures of the new Kia lion race from relevant channels , It is reported that , The appearance of the new car is very high-grade , How about the specific situation , Interested partners can look down with Xiaobian .

In terms of appearance, the air intake grille of the new car is very powerful , The big mouth style is matched with the car face , Increased the momentum of the car face , The shape of the lamp groups on both sides is also very exquisite , The diamond shaped design makes the lamp set look beautiful , The shape of the lower enclosure is very regular , Match with grille , They all use a blackened intranet , Increased the mystery of the car face .

The window line of the new car on the side of the body , And the trim strip at the lower wheel eyebrow is made of black trim panel , It just matches with the painting of the rearview mirror , Make the body more sporty .

The shape of the tail lamp at the rear of the car is also very strange , Black and red make the rear look more dynamic , The shape of the back surround is also very detailed , It not only breaks the massiness of the new car, but also increases the fineness . In terms of power, the new car is equipped with 1.6T Gasoline engine , A hybrid version is also available .

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