Famous actress rollover again! After being interviewed to thank the disaster, he was picked out to speak for the humiliating Chinese brand twice

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famous actress rollover interviewed thank

As the saying goes “ The rise and fall of the world , expect everyone to do his duty .” Gu Yanwu 《 Rizhilu ・ At the beginning 》 This sentence of , How many patriots have held it as their faith and fought for it all their lives , Only to safeguard the stability and reunification of the motherland .

Although it is an era of peace , But the blood and lives of our ancestors in the patriotic struggle , It should always be remembered in the hearts of future generations . However , Now many public figures have a national concept , It's weak, but I don't know “ Insult Hua ” and “ One China ” What is it .

Some time ago , Famous actress Liu Yuxin was exposed “ The speech overturned ”. The reason is that she spoke in a public interview “ Thank you for the disaster ”, And before this speech subsided , He was picked out twice to speak for the humiliating Chinese brand

Although she publicly apologized for misconduct , But netizens don't buy it . First small S use “ National hand ” Call Taipei team athletes , Then the so-called top stream Zhang zhehan visited the Japanese Shrine , Now it's women's League members who speak for the humiliating Chinese brand . What's going on in today's entertainment industry ?

Thank you for the disaster ? Speak confusedly and boldly

People are right 2020 There are some unusual emotions in , Because of the sudden outbreak of the disaster , So that everyone has to stay at home , Stay at home to reduce the risk of infection . With the concerted efforts of the people all over the country , The disaster in our country has been controlled to a great extent , It can be called the country with the highest efficiency of disaster prevention and response in the world .

However , The reason why the disaster in our country is well controlled is that everyone is contributing , Especially the angels in white and relevant staff who devote themselves to the front line of disaster resistance . In the face of the disaster, they were ordered in the face of danger , Run to “ Battlefield ”, Desperate to fight the raging disaster , so to speak , Because they , Only in this protracted war did we have a hard won victory .

Just when we are grateful for the great contribution of medical staff during the disaster prevention and control period , Liu Yuxin, a member of the women's League “ Go the opposite way ”, In an interview, publicly thank the disaster , The audience and the host were stunned !

original ,2020 In, Liu Yuxin participated in a talent show of iqiyi 《 There is your youth 2》 Was known to everyone , Because the disaster was strictly controlled at that time , People stay at home almost every day by brushing plays 、 Chasing variety shows and other ways to kill time .

therefore ,《 There is your youth 2》 The number of hits is ridiculously high , Far exceed 2020 The same kind of programs years ago . Liu Yuxin is one of the most popular players , It has also received a lot of attention . On the night of the group, she won the highest number of votes , Finally, I won the first place C Debut .

Maybe that's why , Liu Yuxin just said in the interview “ Thank you for letting more people watch the program at home .” But , Where did her words put those who suffered for the disaster ?

Because of the disaster, many people died of infection , Say goodbye to your loved ones ; Many medical staff work all night , Tired on the post . For the sake of disaster , So many people give their lives , How can Liu Yuxin openly thank the disaster

Although she later said thank you to the medical staff and so on , But she said “ Careless words ” Has offended the group of people who gave everything for the disaster .

Because endorsements , The cotton incident did not make a statement as soon as possible

One wave rises after another . A few months later , Well known actress Liu Yuxin is also famous for her endorsement “ Insult Hua ” The brand was overturned . at that time “ Xinjiang cotton ” The incident made a great fuss ,H&M The company claims that according to BCI The Cotton Association's assessment of cotton in Xinjiang, China does not meet the standards .

This nonsense hat is buttoned down , Chinese people protested one after another , Many public figures are at the forefront , Express support for Xinjiang cotton on social platforms .

Liu Yuxin's portfolio The 9 in , Yes 8 Members first announced their support for Xinjiang cotton on a social platform , As a captain, she didn't send a document yet . Netizens even found that Liu Yuxin spoke for a famous underwear brand ck, and ck again BCI One of the franchised brands , At the same time, Liu Yuxin is deeply trapped “ Insult Hua ” The wave .

later , Liu Yuxin issued a document saying that he had been with ck Rescission , No more cooperation , Shows “ National dignity is inviolable ” A firm stand , And forwarded “ Support Xinjiang cotton ” The poster . But nonetheless , She spoke on suspicion of “ Insult Hua ” The experience of brand really makes people feel no good at all .

Speak for China brand again : Where is the star bottom line ?

Normally, once bitten by a snake , Ten years afraid of the well line , However, Liu Yuxin spoke last time “ Insult Hua ” No lessons learned after the brand , Instead, he spoke again “ Insult Hua ” Brand strength is high .

Suligo is a world-famous cat food brand , Founded for decades, it has been well received all over the world “ cat owner ” and “ Meow lovers ” Your admiration and trust .

But on suligo's official website , There are such slogans : Strictly select the best raw materials from all over the world , Do not use Chinese raw materials . It's not hard to see. , This is a groundless slander of Chinese products . Moreover, the official website also shows that the mixed tocopherols used in the product are from Taipei .

They say they don't use any Chinese raw materials , But they took materials from Taipei , This is obviously right “ One China ” Ignore your principles . therefore , To some extent, Su Li Gao has formed “ Insult Hua ” Suspect . Liu Yuxin once again spoke for the humiliating China brand , It has also attracted great criticism from netizens .

Ordinary people still know “ National dignity is sacred and inviolable ”, As a public figure, Liu Yuxin should have more obligation to understand these than the masses , But she did it again and again , Speak twice again “ Insult Hua ” brand , Ignoring the importance of national dignity .

Maybe he realized that his speech and endorsement had a negative impact ,8 month 23 On this day , Liu Yuxin publicly apologized on a social platform , He claimed that his original intention was to thank all the medical staff for their efforts during the disaster prevention and control and Everyone's joint efforts to fight the disaster , It's just a misunderstanding caused by unclear statement , I will be cautious in my words and deeds in the future .

And then , Liu Yuxin issued another statement , She claims that many negative opinions on the Internet have seriously damaged her personal reputation , Will use legal means to protect their rights . This public apology , Many netizens don't buy it . The first mistake is excusable , The second time I make a mistake, I can't say it .“ Insult Hua ” This is a sensitive topic , As a public figure, why do you always “ Step on line ”?

Speak from “ Thank you ” To speak for the Chinese brand twice , Liu Yuxin's behavior is undoubtedly stepping on the bottom line of the public , Turn the car over once. If it's not enough, turn it over twice , Such acts must be strongly condemned , Let other stars learn from it , Avoid such events in the future .

Since modern times , Backward China has been invaded and humiliated by Western powers , The unequal treaty of losing power and humiliating the country has been signed , More than one million square kilometers of territory has been compensated ,2000 More than ten thousand innocent Chinese were killed .

But the Chinese never succumb to oppression , It's about getting angry and trying to be strong , Brave and fearless , Defend national dignity and territory , And won the final victory . Today's happy life is hard won , anybody , Especially those bad artists should not ignore , Even trample on China's dignity !

Thanks for watching , Pay attention to me , Learn more .

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