Two months and three five-year strategic plans. Who is the most radical and who invests the most

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months five-year year strategic plans.

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According to the latest statistics released by China Automobile Industry Association , This year, 7 month , The market share of Chinese brand passenger cars has risen again ,46.4% Share of , It has set a record of nearly 17 A month high . The reasons for this situation , On the one hand, it is a joint venture 、 The performance of luxury brands is relatively low , On the other hand, the main reason is that Chinese brands are really strong enough , We have achieved good results in rising against the trend .

in fact , Continuous and growing “ Chip shortage ” The crisis , For joint ventures 、 Luxury brands have a relatively greater impact , Chinese brands are relatively more flexible in dealing with this matter ; secondly , China's leading brand enterprises take the lead in recovering , Played a more obvious head effect .


Besides , From the passenger Union 1-7 In June, the retail sales ranking of narrow passenger car manufacturers can be seen , changan 、 geely 、 The three Chinese brands of the Great Wall rank among the top ten , In the fourth 、 Fifth and eighth . And compared with last year , Further narrowing the gap with joint venture brand head enterprises .


thus it can be seen , The increase of the share of Chinese brand market depends on the independent leading enterprises , And the competition with the sales ranking of joint venture brands , Is mainly to see changan 、 geely and The Great Wall Three independent car companies .

And in these two months , The three auto companies have successively released their five-year strategic plans . Whether it's competition with joint venture leaders , Still talking to your own “ be more competitive ”, All three of them have their own clear plans and expectations .


Within two months 3 Share “ Five year strategic plan ”


Yesterday, ,2021 Chang'an Automobile Science and technology ecological conference officially opened . Changan Automobile has made it clear to comprehensively accelerate the transformation to an intelligent low-carbon travel technology company , restore “ New car + New ecology ” New positioning of , It also released “ Five year strategic plan ”, Target at 2025 In, the sales volume of Chang'an brand reached 300 Thousands of cars , New energy accounts for 35%.



And a week ago , Geely motor released 2021 After the first half results , Then the latest 5 Outline of the annual development plan , The goal is To 2025 year , The market share ranks first among Chinese brands , Sales of 365 Thousands of cars ( Krypton car ), Among them, intelligent electric vehicles account for more than 30%.

Push back the time for more than a month ,6 month 28 Japan , Great Wall Motors in its 2025 Strategy press conference and the third conference 8 At the th science and Technology Festival , Also released the future 5 The strategy for 2010 . Great Wall Motor's five-year goal is : To 2025 year , Achieve global sales 400 Thousands of cars , among 80% For new energy vehicles , Operating income exceeding 6000 One hundred million yuan .


from 6 month 28 Great Wall Motors in Japan , To 8 month 18 Geely cars on the th , Then yesterday's Chang'an Automobile . In less than two months , The independent top three have successively released the strategic plan for the next five years . Of course , The five-year strategic plan released by each auto enterprise is the demand of brand development , But in such a short time next to the release , There is more or less a trace “ be more competitive ” The meaning of .


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Who is the most radical , Who invested the most ?


From the perspective of annual sales target , There is no doubt that Great Wall Motors ( Global sales 400 Thousands of cars ) Is the most radical . Of course , Chang'an and Geely are only slightly less than the Great Wall , Compared with their current sales base , In fact, it is a very high goal .

Disclosure of information , Great Wall motor 2020 The annual sales volume is 1111598 car , Year-on-year growth 4.8%, And exceeded the sales volume of one million vehicles for the fifth consecutive year . But even so , To reach 2025 Annual sales 400 The target of 10,000 vehicles , It's also somewhat exaggerated .

Because this means that Great Wall Motors will , Must complete the annual 25%-30% Compound growth rate of sales . With the transformation of domestic auto market from incremental era to stock Era , Considering the current base plate of Great Wall Motor , The difficulty of such a high growth rate can be imagined .

So what exactly does Great Wall Motor rely on ?

It is reported that , In order to achieve this strategic goal , Great Wall Motors has made effective reserves . Great Wall Motors will be in the next five years , The cumulative R & D investment will reach 1000 One hundred million yuan . With sufficient R & D capital reserves , It will become a practical guarantee for Great Wall Motors to continuously cultivate its internal power .

On the other hand , Great Wall Motors will also actively practice the global layout of enterprises . So , Great Wall Motors has not only laid out global R & D 、 production 、 sales , Also continue to cultivate the brand 、 technology 、 Globalization of talent . cover “ Seven countries and ten places ” R & D layout , as well as 9 A domestic production base ,3 An overseas process vehicle factory and 5 individual KD factory .


meanwhile , Great Wall Motors is pushing South America 、 Vehicle projects in Europe and other places , In the future, it will continue to make layout in key overseas markets . thus it can be seen , Whether it can meet the sales forecast in five years or not , Great Wall Motors' overseas layout will contribute a considerable proportion .

Look at Chang'an and Geely .

although 5 The annual sales target after is lower than that of great wall , But in terms of investment, Chang'an automobile is no less than Great Wall Automobile .

Yesterday, , Changan Automobile said at the science and technology ecology Conference , In the next five years , Changan Automobile is expected to invest in the whole industry chain 1500 One hundred million yuan , Create a technology ecosystem for technology companies , Accelerate the construction of software and intelligent capabilities .

Besides , Changan Automobile will also actively introduce and train a large number of intelligent software talents . Expect to 2025 year , The proportion of intelligent software talents reaches 50%; At the same time, we will vigorously introduce leading talents , Build a highland for global talents .

Geely has mainly defined the main direction of the product . Geely said , We will continue to optimize our products , Continuously improve the platform product layout , Actively expand overseas market , Further improve the sales of pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid models .

meanwhile , Geely Automobile will adhere to the blue Geely action plan formulated and implemented earlier this year . One side , Focus on intelligent energy-saving and small displacement new energy vehicles , Including hybrids 、 Add program plug-in hybrid ; On the other hand , Focus on high-end intelligent pure electric vehicles , Actively participate in the competition of intelligent pure electric vehicle market .

so , Comprehensive funds 、 technology 、 In terms of the investment of relevant resources , Whether it's the Great Wall 、 Geely or Chang'an , It can be said that they are fully committed .


Between them , What do you have in common ?


Five year strategic plan integrating the three brands , It is not difficult for us to see the Great Wall 、 Geely and Chang'an , Both regard new energy vehicles and smart vehicles as an important driving force for the growth of enterprise sales and brand level .

Wei Jianjun, chairman of Great Wall Motors, believes that , The next three to five years will be the best opportunity for Chinese auto brands to lead in the field of new energy and intelligence , And this opportunity , For once .

And Chang'an Automobile Zhu Huarong thinks , The birth of a new track , It makes Chinese auto brands usher in a brand renewal that is rare in a century 、 Value return and overtaking opportunities . He thinks the future 10 year , China will have a world-class Automobile Company .

Geely is full of confidence in its high-end electric vehicle brand krypton . An Conghui said , To 2025 year , Krypton sales are expected to reach 65 Thousands of cars , The market share of high-end intelligent electric vehicles in the world has reached the top three in the world .

Besides , Practice enterprise globalization , Accelerate the pace of enterprise transformation , It is also the common starting point and direction of the three independent powers .

Whether it is the global layout of Great Wall Motors , Geely is also clear about the ambition of krypton auto market to occupy the top three in the world , Or the vision of Chang'an automobile to become a world-class brand , Are inseparable from the core of enterprise globalization . The transformation from automobile manufacturers to intelligent low-carbon travel technology companies , Undoubtedly, it is also the common pursuit of the three brands .

so , The sales target is just floating on the surface flag, In essence, we should make our own efforts , Realize the upward development of Chinese brands .

Ma Yue :

In two months , The independent top three have successively issued five-year strategic plans , It is the routine operation for the enterprise to clarify the future direction and goal , At the same time, it is also a necessary measure to boost morale and self-confidence . From three five-year strategic plans , See the ambition and courage of Chinese auto brands , It also defines the general direction and path of their efforts . In the country “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” At the beginning Occasion , Under the general trend of upgrading the automobile industry , Brand upward may be the only and correct common answer .


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