Another explosion! Latest information! You can win it with a monthly salary of 8000! Baojun rc-6 vs Xiangyu

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explosion latest information win monthly

Many people choose flowers 10-20 Million to buy a family car , The volume of this market is still very large , Major manufacturers are also racking their brains to launch cost-effective and practical models . Cars at this price may be dazzling , I don't know Baojun recommended by Xiaobian RC-6 Can he enjoy the domain into your eyes ? Let's take a look at its performance .

models : baojun RC-6 2019 paragraph 1.5T CVT Noble type

The guided :11.38 Ten thousand yuan

First look at Baojun RC-6 2019 paragraph 1.5T CVT Noble appearance , The front face of the car gives people a very sporty feeling , Use exaggerated lines , Plus the star China open , In line with the taste of most consumers . meanwhile , The headlights of the car show a profound design style , The visual effect is deep , Very divine .

baojun RC-6 2019 paragraph 1.5T CVT The noble hexagonal grille is decorated with chrome ornaments , Sharp visual effect .

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