The appearance is very tough. The new Ford Bronco is a real car with a full sense of refinement at the rear

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appearance tough. tough new ford

In recent days, , Some netizens exposed a group of brand-new Ford Bronco Real vehicle diagram of , How about the specific situation , If you are interested in this car, you can look down with Xiaobian .

In terms of appearance, the front surround of the new car adopts a convex shape , The lower surround in the same color as the body increases the tough guy style of the car face , In conjunction with the air intake grille above , It makes the car's face look full of off-road style , Among them, the front lamp group adopts circular headlights , Very retro , Also very advanced .

The windows of the new car on the side of the body look very personalized , The line adopts a through waist line , The sunken design enriches the hierarchy of the body , Several side skirt lines at the bottom reflect the fashionable movement of the body .

The license plate frame of the new car at the rear part is on the left side of the external spare tire , Make the rear of the car look sporty , The long tail lamp adopts inlaid design , Make the tail look more dynamic , There is also a chrome plated animal like ornament next to the right tail lamp , Makes the tail look a little more delicate . In terms of power, the new car is equipped with 2.3T The engine , also 2.7T V6 Engines are available .

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