Second kill! You don't have to breathe when you earn 8000 a month! Langyi vs Roewe rx5 Max

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second kill don breathe earn

For some consumers , The exterior of the car is for passers-by , Only when you can touch and see the comfort configuration will you feel it , A car with good comfort can make users feel more happy when using the car . At the thought of high configuration , Langyi and Rongwei came to Xiaobian's mind RX5 MAX These two models . Now let's follow Xiaobian and see what they do .

models : Volkswagen lavida 2019 paragraph The hatchback 200TSI Double clutch fashion version countries VI

The guided :13.09 Ten thousand yuan

lavida 2019 paragraph The hatchback 200TSI The front of the double clutch fashion version gives people a very sporty feeling , The inverted trapezoidal grille of the car is decorated with silver trim strips , With sharp headlights , The front face has improved the whole vehicle to a certain level .

Tyre , The specifications of the front and rear tires of the car are 205/55 R16, Double five spoke rim design is adopted .

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