Baojun Kiwi EV, which grew up eating "cute", will be listed on August 31

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baojun kiwi ev grew eating

I heard recently that , baojun KiWi EV Will be in 8 At the end of the month, it was officially listed in the form of online activities . The new car has been pre sold , There are two versions of designer and artist , The pre-sale prices are 6.98 Million and $ 7.88 Ten thousand yuan .

baojun KiWi EV It's Baojun E300 Iterative model of , Baojun called it “ Futuristic modern car ”, Because the car's exterior design is full of science fiction , Two color body design , The design concept of interstellar geometry is embodied in LED In the decoration of lamp group and chrome trim strip .

baojun KiWi EV It is a micro electric vehicle taking the high-quality route , The interior design is simple but exquisite , central 、 The raw materials at the door panel and storage compartment are made of rice plant fiber , This can effectively reduce the odor , More environmentally friendly , At the same time, it helps to lighten the body .

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