Since 79800, the fuel consumption is 5.9l. With constant speed cruise, this domestic car is really kind

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fuel consumption 5.9l. constant speed

7.98 All the , Fuel consumption 5.9L, Constant speed cruise , This domestic car is really kind, based on the car sales ranking , It's not hard for us to find out , Domestic cars are still very hot in recent years , Today Xiaobian also brings you a very classic domestic compact car , It is Geely Perry , The starting price of this car is only 7.98 All the , And equipped with constant speed cruise , The strength shown can not be underestimated .

In appearance , Geely Binrui adopts the latest design style of the family , It feels quite fashionable , The overall layout of China open has its own characteristics , There are also chrome ornaments around , It can bring a certain sense of delicacy , The raised lines above the hood are very three-dimensional , It looks more tense , And the shape of the headlamp group is angular , It has good light transmittance after lighting .

From the side , Geely Binrui also has a good sense of lines , The waist line across the body makes the side more three-dimensional , And the style of the wheel hub is very exquisite , It's very dynamic when running , Body size , The length, width and height of this car are respectively 4680×1785×1460 mm , The wheelbase is 2670 mm , Such data is also very advantageous in the same level , And the internal space performance is also worthy of praise .

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