Changan uni-v is expected to adopt a new logo and be listed as early as next year, or 110000

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changan uni-v uni expected adopt

at present , Chang'an automobile has declared several relevant UNI The trademark of the series , changan UNI The series is going to be independent , expect UNI-V Will be the first to carry a new brand LOGO The models . Although this car will not be available until early next year , But its debut is set to 11 At the Guangzhou auto show in June , Whether the latest logo will be adopted at that time is still unknown .

Media speculation , changan UNI-V Will benchmark Honda Civic 、 Led the g 03 Models such as , The high configuration version will use 2.0T power , The entry-level version will be equipped with 1.5T Blue whale engine , The starting price is expected to be 11 All around .

changan UNI-V It has great advantages in modeling , The borderless air intake grille is matched with the slender body , Both the sense of advanced and the sense of technology have reached a new height . Especially the addition of electric tail , Let it become the only model of its own brand to provide this configuration at present , As the saying goes, rarity is the most important thing , On the basis that the competitiveness of the whole vehicle is not low , The appearance of this configuration can naturally win the favor of more potential consumers .

changan UNI-V It has a sliding back car shape , Concealed door handle and 18 The inch wheel hub also adds a bit of low lying breath , The tail of a new car is also not simple , Through tail lights and double exhaust give people a full sports atmosphere . In terms of size , changan UNI-V The length, width and height are respectively 4680/1838/1430mm, The wheelbase is 2750mm, This data can be classified into A+ Queue of class a models .

The interior decoration has not been officially announced yet , But for the moment UNI-K babbling , expect UNI-V Not bad . motivation , The new car is expected to be provided in the early stage 1.5T Blue whale engine , Maximum power is 138kW, Peak torque 300N·m. meanwhile , According to officials, the new car is expected to be launched in the future 2.0T Version, and 1.5T Hybrid version , Cover more diverse dynamic matching .

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