The guy spent 200000 yuan to buy FAW red flag HS5 with sufficient budget and came with patriotism

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guy spent yuan buy faw

Buy a red flag HS5 Who are your groups ? First, the red flag HS5 It's our domestic medium and high-end car , Higher cost performance , Rich configuration , The people who buy it have patriotism , And the brand power of Hongqi automobile is strong , Generally speaking, people who buy red flags pay more attention to the face of cards , Patriotic cards , Many work in enterprises and institutions , So the positioning of the red flag is very appropriate , The price is impartial , It is more in line with the current living and consumption level , The whole is slightly lower than BBA.

At present, many young people have started Red Flag cars , This also injects a brand-new element into Hongqi car , In the hearts of young people, Red Flag cars have the same characteristics as BBA Equivalent brand awareness , If you don't do business, buying a red flag car is also an option , Highlight the personality of young people . The picture shows a boy in Heilongjiang who spent 20 The red flag bought for 10000 yuan HS5, He said :“ I am currently working in a public institution , Feeling BBA Too publicity , And I'm a party member , So I thought of the red flag car , I saw HS5 After the configuration of , The configuration is really high .”

The driver bought a red flag HS5 And to keep a low profile , After all, I'm still young , It doesn't feel very mature , Open the entry level BBA It seems very uneasy , Although entry level BBA Just a scooter , Face and 20 More than 10000 second tier brands are almost , But I want to make a good impression on my colleagues .

The red flag HS5 At present, the discount is very strong , Less than 20 Ten thousand yuan can buy a car , And the configuration is rich , It is no exaggeration to say that the configuration of the low configuration car is almost the same as that of the joint venture car , Positioning as medium SUV, Long 4.76 rice 、 wide 1.907 rice 、 high 1.7 rice , The proportion of the body is balanced , The beauty of design is clear at a glance .

The red flag HS5 The powertrain of the whole system is consistent , Carrying a 2.0T Maximum displacement 224 horsepower L4 engine , matching 6 block AT transmission ,8.7 Seconds can break a hundred , The ride is OK , The measured fuel consumption in the urban area is close to 11L Every 100 kilometers , As a family car, it is relatively high , But young people who buy this level are basically able to bear the fuel consumption .

The red flag HS5 The interior space is very spacious , The owner's younger brother said that he likes self driving very much , You can rest in the car later , Very convenient , And very comfortable , At least more space than this level of car .

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