The maximum discount is 35000 yuan, starting from 362800 yuan. Does Mercedes Benz GLC have a high appearance?

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maximum discount yuan starting yuan.

A car dealer in Zhongshan recently announced Mercedes GLC Preferential prices in the region : At present, Mercedes Benz GLC The highest discount for car purchase 3.5 Ten thousand yuan ,36.28 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Look back at Mercedes Benz GLC Basic information of . aesthetic , Mercedes GLC The overall shape of the continues the design language of Mercedes Benz family . Its front face adopts a flat front grille , The interior is equipped with star style chrome decoration and large Mercedes Benz Trident star logo , The whole looks very recognizable . New Mercedes Benz GLC The side shape is a little GLE It smells good. , except D The shape of the pillar is different from that of the window , Others are like a reduced version GLE. Compared with the old model , It adds a lot of sports elements to the round body , Including two extremely conspicuous side lines , It looks very imposing . As a SUV Come on , It really should look tough , Mercedes Benz seems to understand this . The shape of the window is the same as before , But the body has become a little more stylish , in other words , Like a young fashion youth , Gradually become a young man who has experienced many things , People who seem to be moving from themselves to their families , Its face is no longer young , But more mature . On its side , Highlight the elements of home , Nothing more than the welcome pedal . Besides , The wheel style is also very fashionable and beautiful . Mercedes GLC The tail line is round and full , The tail lights are exquisitely designed , The overall tail shape is very fashionable , Chrome plated trim strips at the details create a good atmosphere . interiors , The new car is equipped with a full LCD dashboard , With suspended central control screen and three spoke multifunctional steering wheel with hollow design , Full of sense of technology , Equipped with wood grain veneer 64 Color ambient atmosphere lamp , Make the new car more luxurious . In terms of power , New car carrying M264 series 2.0T The engine , The high-power version is 258 horsepower , The low power version is 197 horsepower , The peak torque is respectively 370 cattle · Rice and 320 cattle · rice . configuration , The new car is fully supported Mercedes me interconnection , Car owners can use their mobile phones APP Remote control of vehicles , Convenient for daily use . At the same time, some models are also equipped with MBUX Intelligent human-computer interaction system , In addition, the new car is equipped with collision prevention auxiliary system and other functions as standard .

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