Chengdu auto show is coming, and joint venture brands and independent brands are competing. Who can become C?

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chengdu auto coming joint venture

also 4 God , Chengdu auto show is about to open , This Chengdu auto show is more anticipated than in previous years , Because this year's Chengdu auto show will be very different from previous years , There are several highlights in this auto show , Every bright spot is compelling enough .

Chengdu auto show is known as the of the domestic auto market “ The barometer ”, It is also the main starting position of new products of domestic and foreign auto enterprises in the West , What new cars are there at this auto show , Whose new car will be the focus of this auto show , It also makes everyone very curious . Before the opening of the auto show , Many media have gone to the scene to explore the Museum , Also brought a lot of spoilers .

according to the understanding of , The scale of Chengdu auto show has been greatly improved compared with previous years , The total number of auto enterprises participating in this exhibition is 130 A number of , The vehicles on display are 1500 More than one . Not just Mercedes 、 BMW 、 Audi and other luxury brands , There are also the public 、 Toyota 、 Honda 、 Mainstream joint venture brands such as Nissan , geely 、 The Great Wall 、 Chery is also the main brand of this auto show , Of course, Wei Lai 、 Xiao peng 、 New forces such as ideal will also make a strong appearance .

Joint venture brands compete for excellence , Present their latest products

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