It has not been made in China, but it has been sought after by Chinese people for 12 years. Why is Lexus es so fascinating?

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china sought chinese people years.

We all know , For foreign auto brands , The advantage of joint venture with domestic automobile enterprises is that it can realize localization , Without tariffs, there will be some advantages in price , But for many luxury brands , Because their own brand premium is very high , Therefore, even the price after domestic production does not have much advantage in the market , Like Audi A6L、 Mercedes E And BMW 5 In terms of Department , Now these three cars have already been made in China , But the starting price at the terminal is at least 36 Million or so , In contrast, a large and medium-sized luxury car that has not been made in China so far , Its price is comparable to BBA But there has always been an advantage , It's Lexus ES. In addition to the price advantage , lexus ES The quality of is also favored by domestic consumers , In particular, the stable and reliable quality is ahead of the models at the same level , So although this car has not been made in China , But it is sought after by the Chinese 12 year , stay 2020 The year is a hot sale 11.46 Thousands of cars , Won the crown of imported car sales for many years . And this month 16 Japan , New Lexus ES Listed on the , Can it continue the legend ?

Actually, I mentioned Lexus ES The car , The ultra-high hedging rate is the point we have to mention , According to the “2020 Annual report on China's automobile maintenance rate ” Look at , The car 1-5 The annual hedging rate ranks first in the field of large luxury cars in the middle , among 3 The annual hedging rate is as high as 85.83%, And the same level of domestic A6L Its 3 The annual hedging rate is only 61.67%, This means that it is also 3 Years old Lexus ES And domestic Audi A6L, In similar conditions , lexus ES The second-hand price can be sold close to 10 Ten thousand yuan , From this point, we can see why Chinese people are so fond of this car , It's the of the auto industry “ Wealth management products ”. As the new Lexus ES, In addition to continuing the high hedging rate , In the security 、 sound insulation 、 Intelligence and control have been improved to a certain extent , As follows !

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