Clean and stable appearance? Hanlanda has no discount at present, starting from 239800 yuan

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clean stable appearance hanlanda discount

A car dealer in Guangzhou recently announced Hanlanda's preferential market in the region : At present, hanlanda has no discount for car purchase ,23.98 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Review the basic situation of hanlanda . Front part , It has a good visual sense , Trapezoidal air inlet grille is adopted , With chrome trim , It makes the front face have a good visual beauty , Birui is handsome . in addition , Both sides LED Headlamp group design of light source , After lighting, it has a good lighting effect , It greatly improves the driving safety at night . From the side , The new fourth generation Highlander still retains the general outline of the current Highlander model , But the design has been very different . We have seen a lot of design details on the willanda car , The reason why they have similarities , Because they all come from TNGA framework . The shape of the tail lamp is much longer than the cash , And the shell is also semi blackened , It looks more profound and sporty . Of course , whole LED The light source is still commendable , Moreover, the structure of internal details is enough to withstand aesthetic considerations , Exquisite . Relative , The shape of the fog lamp and lower guard at the bottom of the rear is a little simple , It doesn't have the sense of design as much as other details of the car body . In fact, this is also the case for overseas models , In addition, the painted bumper body can not be reached in case of small collision , Reduced maintenance costs . As for the interior , The new generation of Highlander integrates technology and luxury , This is quite rare . On the steering wheel 、 instrument panel 、 The car door 、 Large areas such as seats are covered with delicate leather , Very good touch . Compared to the previous generation , The seats are also better wrapped , More comfortable ride . besides , High configuration models also use metal film trim panels , It is more luxurious both visually and tactile . motivation , The new Highlander is equipped with 2.5L Hybrid power system , Integrated power of the whole system 243 horsepower , Compared with Camry 、 The hybrid system carried by willanda twin engine , The total power of the motor and the comprehensive maximum output power of the system are significantly improved , More agile dynamic response . New car adopted 12.3 Inch full LCD Meter 、12.3 Inch center control display 、10 Inches color HUD Head up display and electronic streaming media mirror , At the same time, the car machine supports face recognition 、Carplay、 Hicar Etc , Support map navigation 、 Online music 、 speech recognition 、 Home appliances are connected 、 Life service 、 Applet 、 Payment and other rich ecological service functions .

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