Finally fire! 8000 a month, no pressure! Enjoy domain vs Langyi

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finally month pressure enjoy domain

The size of mainstream cars is moderate , At the same time, the price of mainstream cars is also more reasonable , Therefore, it has been loved by many consumers . The two models recommended today are compact cars , They are Xiangyu and Langyi . Next, let's take a look at them .

models : Honda domain 2019 paragraph 180Turbo CVT Enjoy the version countries VI

The guided :13.68 Ten thousand yuan

Enjoy the domain 2019 paragraph 180Turbo CVT The front of the Yaoxiang version is sharp , The headlights look chic as a whole , Show a distinctive sense of design , The car .

Enjoy the domain 2019 paragraph 180Turbo CVT Yaoxiang version headlights use wing design , Create a good visual effect , Standard configuration LED Distance light .

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