The new generation C-class will be officially launched on August 27. Can there be a car when the chip supply is cut off?

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new generation c-class class officially

In recent days, , From Mercedes Benz , A whole new generation Mercedes C The first-class car will be in 8 month 27 The morning of 10 spot 30 It's officially on the market , Mercedes Benz small S Coming soon ! However, at present, the automotive industry is affected by the supply interruption of chips , Leading to a large-scale shutdown tide , I don't know the new Mercedes Benz C Can I have a car for sale ?

The appearance of the new car 、 Interior to Mercedes Benz S par , Although the more dynamic body shape is placed in S It doesn't seem solemn enough , But in the C The level is just good , Although different people have different views on Aesthetics , But most people still think the new Mercedes Benz C Level 1 appearance has been improved . The biggest feature of the interior is that the central control screen is no longer suspended , Instead, it uses a larger full touch screen , Many entity keys have been cancelled , A stronger sense of Technology , The air outlet is designed like three exhaust holes , Also very innovative .

motivation , The new car is still being questioned “ Pseudo luxury ” Of 1.5T Turbocharged four cylinder engine 、1.5T The engine +48V Motor light mixing system and 2.0T Turbocharged four cylinder engine has three power assemblies , however 1.5T The engine power has increased , and 2.0T The engine power is reduced , It seems that the new Mercedes Benz C The main selling model is still 1.5T(C260), The transmission system is matched with Mercedes Benz's own 9 Speed manual self - contained gearbox .

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