Both appearance and strength! Haval H6 upgraded version exposed, fuel consumption 4.9l + 1.5T power

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appearance strength haval h6 upgraded

lately , There are media reports that Haval is about to launch a new model —— The harvard H6S, I don't know how much you know about this car , Let's have a look .

aesthetic , The design style of the front face is very brilliant , Concave convex , It looks very three-dimensional , The blackened design is more powerful , The protruding front bumper is highly lethal , The rectangular diversion openings on both sides are sharp and powerful .

The body side , Strong and dynamic on the side , The dark design looks dynamic and domineering , The blackened wheel hub adopts hollow shape . The visual effect is wonderful , The marching effect is brilliant . The rising waistline looks like “ Athletes ready to take their place ”, Strong sense of sprint .

The rear side , The wide high-level tail design is bold and unique , It makes the tail look a little more sporty , The black trim strip connects the tail lights with unique shapes on both sides , Form a penetrating visual effect , It looks very hierarchical , The style of the back surround is also very lively and fashionable . motivation , Will carry the latest of the Great Wall DHT Hybrid power system ,1.5T The maximum output power of the engine is 154 horsepower , Matching motor , This system can realize 100 kilometers 4.9L The comprehensive fuel consumption of .

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