Honda's new amaze was released, and its design is similar to accord, about 55000 yuan

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honda new amaze released design

Honda , As an important representative of Japanese automobile brands , Its popularity is known all over the world , In our domestic market , Its models have the characteristics of fuel saving, durability and worry saving , Deeply sought after and loved by many friends , On the main road , Honda cars can be seen almost everywhere . recently , Honda officially released its new model AMAZE, As an entry-level family car , What surprises will it bring us ? Let's follow Xiaobian to learn about it .

Honda New AMAZE, As a mid - term change model , The price range of new cars is :632000 India rupee -926000 India rupee , renminbi 5.5 ten thousand -8.1 Ten thousand yuan , Such a price range can be said to be very close to the people . In modeling design , Compared with the old model , The appearance of the new car changes obviously , The overall design style continues the family design , Chrome plated air inlet grille on the front face , The sturdy chrome plated trim strip is connected with the headlights on both sides , Plus... On both sides LED Headlamp group of light source , It makes people feel very stable and atmospheric , It looks very similar to the accord in the Honda family , I wonder if you think so .

As for interior decoration , Honda New AMAZE It also continues the family design style , Compared with the old model , Some details have been adjusted to a certain extent , The layout of the central control area is clear and regular , And some physical keys are reserved , Large LCD touch screen , Will also support apple CarPlay And android Auto interconnection , Multi function steering wheel with three frames , Add a slender handle , It looks very comfortable , Exposure of large area soft materials , And chrome trim , So as to create a group of comfortable and warm interior atmosphere .

( Honda exposed earlier AMAZE Patent map )

motivation , Honda New AMAZE Will provide 1.2L Gasoline engine /1.5L Diesel engine optional , Transmission in , And what matches that is 5 Manual and CVT Stepless gearbox . It is worth mentioning that , The car is expected to be made in China in the future , For such an entry-level sedan , What do you think is the starting price ? If the price 8 Ten thousand words , Do you think it will be favored by our people ? Welcome to communicate and discuss .

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