2021 Chengdu International Auto Show outlook | led by the new Tiguan L and the new Macan, which SUVs are the most eye-catching?

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chengdu international auto outlook led


Major auto enterprises attach great importance to this auto show , And have brought their heavy models .

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For previously announced “ delay ” For this Chengdu International Auto Show , In the end, the opening time was only postponed by two days , It's harmless —— After all , This is another year in the automotive industry “ Gluttonous feast ”, Finally arrived as promised


so to speak , Major automobile manufacturers still attach great importance to this Chengdu auto show , And have brought their own heavy models . today , Let's take stock of those worthy of expectation at the auto show SUV.

Buick Encore flag

First , Take a look at Buick's medium and large SUV—— Angke banner .

As a new model of the year ,2022 Angke banner has little change in appearance , It is still the familiar flying wing family design style , The visual effect is atmospheric enough . As for the details , Its front face Matrix LED The lamp group is narrow and long , And can achieve a total of 26 Separate lighting zones 、 And three intelligent lighting modes , The sense of technology is very sufficient .


When you enter the car, you can see , The new car maintains the Buick family style surround design , And through the use of a large number of soft materials and piano baking paint materials , Let the interior ensure the sense of American luxury , It also maximizes the sense of refinement .


In terms of motivation , New cars still use 2.0T The engine , The maximum power is 174kW、 Peak torque reach 350N·m, The transmission system matches the latest generation 9AT The transmission . It is worth mentioning that , The variable cylinder technology of this engine is more fuel-efficient , And this new model has added 48V Light mixed system —— Regardless of its fuel consumption 、 still NVH performance , Will go up another step .


In medium and large scale SUV In the market , Angke banner is a good model . One side , Its 7 Seat and 6 The two versions can meet the needs of more consumers ; meanwhile , At the product level , Almost no obvious short board can be found . however , Its competitors in this segment are not “ Good stubble ”, Naturally, the competition between them will be extremely fierce .

View of the public way L

For Tiguan , I'm sure everyone will be familiar with . Only a short while ago , It is also expensive as a joint venture brand SUV Sales champion ; At the moment , View of path L Although it didn't reach the previous height , Its market appeal is still good .


At the Chengdu auto show , SAIC Volkswagen will also launch a new Tiguan L. It has made some minor adjustments in design , For example, the front grille is replaced with a flat shape with a stronger sense of integrity , And chrome plated trim strips are connected with lamp groups on both sides , Its visual effect is more exquisite .


As for the interior , New Tiguan L Suspended central control design is adopted 、 And through air conditioning outlets , It not only significantly improves the interior texture , And make its visual effect younger 、 It's also more technological . at present , Volkswagen has launched several pure electric models , Its intelligence has been significantly improved , Believe in the new Tiguan L There will also be an upgrade in this regard .


And in terms of motivation , The new car is still in use 1.4T(150 horsepower )、2.0T high / Low power (220 horsepower /186 horsepower )、 as well as 1.4T Plug and mix these four power assemblies , They are mature enough 、 And has been well tested by the market . future , With good user reputation 、 Balanced product strength , Believe in Tiguan L It will also be in the market segment “ Ivy ” General existence .

Led the g 05+

After several years of vigorous development , Lingke is already the most smooth brand on the high-end road of Chinese brands . This Chengdu auto show , Link will bring you 03+ After the second hit “ performance ” The models —— Led the g 05+.

It is positioned as “ Performance car running SUV” The it , Will be in Lingke 05 Add a lot of sporty design on the basis of , Like blackening the front grille 、 Blackened wheels 、 Wheel eyebrow, etc ; meanwhile , The new car also adds a black surround kit at the rear of the car 、 Four outlet exhaust , Used to emphasize its “ Performance car ” identity .


at present , Led the g 05+ The interior of the has not been exposed yet , However, it can be expected that many kinematic processes will also be used . As for motivation , Led the g 05+ Maybe it will carry 2.0T High power engine , Its maximum horsepower is 265 horse 、 Peak torque reach 380N·m, The transmission system matches 8AT The transmission .


For link ,03+ Its success may have given it a taste of “ benefit ”. In the minds of consumers , Although they buy Chinese brand models , But from the inside to the outside, we enjoy the technology from Volvo —— therefore , Led the g 05+ Future market performance , Maybe it's also worth looking forward to .

porsche Macan

From Cayenne to Macan, These two paragraphs SUV It can be said that it is the source of most of Porsche's profits . This Chengdu auto show , New Porsche Macan Will also appear .

Because it is a modified model , There will not be much change in design , Just fine tune the bumper , The outside of the air inlet grille is surrounded by black , To highlight the sense of movement . however , At present, the information is just the ordinary model ; As for the higher powered version , I believe its appearance will have more sporty details .


The new Macan There is little change in the car , Or the familiar Porsche style , Its central clock 、 embedded 10.9 The inch central control screen is retained . After all , The interior of Porsche models is already very classic , It is not expected that there will be much change in a short time .

And in terms of motivation , The entry-level version of the new car will still be equipped with 2.0T The engine ,Macan S and GTS The version will use 2.9T Twin turbocharged engines ( Dividing height / Low power ), All transmission systems are equipped with 7 Speed dual clutch transmission .


suffer “ Core missing ” The impact , Porsche's current production capacity has also been significantly affected . This not only directly affects the terminal collection price of consumers 、 cycle , Even the used car market has risen . All in all , If you are interested in buying Porsche, please hurry up —— buy , Is to earn .


【 The car power said 】 above , These are the models that have attracted a lot of attention at this Chengdu International Auto Show SUV. Of course , There will be more heavy new cars on display at the auto show —— When the ,“ Car power ” It will also bring you reports for the first time , Children's shoes, don't miss it !


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