The tank 300 cyber edition was officially announced on the market, selling for 308000 yuan

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tank cyber edition officially announced

Tank brand recently announced , Tanks unveiled at this year's Shanghai Auto Show 300 Cyber edition officially launched , The price is 30.8 Ten thousand yuan . meanwhile , The government has also launched a series of preferential policies for car purchase , Include 5000 A deposit of yuan is worth 10000 Yuan car buying ( It can only be deducted when the balance payment is made ), In addition, a gift worth about 3000 The transcendental integral of about yuan , This point can be exchanged for goods at the hypermarket .

aesthetic , tanks 300 The cyberversion is based on tanks 300 make , So the overall shape of the two cars is the same , But there are changes in some details . Like tanks 300 Cyberversion has added a through type on the front grille LED Daytime running light , Very high recognition . Besides , The new car is also equipped with a more aggressive front surround , And yellow elements are added on both sides of the front enclosure , The sense of fashion is significantly improved .

Side view , tanks 300 The cyber version has been adjusted in some details . For example, yellow elements are also added to the exterior rearview mirror , In addition, a newly designed fender is adopted , And the wheel eyebrow and the body adopt the same color design . In the tail , The new car is equipped with a more aggressive spoiler , The back surround shape echoes the front face , And also added the Yellow element .

interiors , tanks 300 The cyber version is in the tank 300 On the basis of , The main color of white , In addition, exquisite chrome plating decoration is added in many places . in addition , The new car also adds the same yellow element on the door panel as the appearance .

motivation , tanks 300 The cyber version is still equipped with 2.0T Turbocharged four cylinder engine , The most powerful 167kW(227 horsepower ), Maximum torque 387Nm. It matches the engine 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , Of course , There will be no shortage of 4WD systems .

Edit comment on : tanks 300 Our success is obvious to all , The Great Wall is best at driving branches and leaves based on a car , Like the familiar Harvard H6 equally . The tank launched this time 300 Cyber Edition , It's actually keeping the tank 300 Based on off-road attributes , Added more personalized design , Meet the preferences of young consumers .

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