Take you to know the mysterious McLaren MSO. Its business scope is really wide

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know mysterious mclaren mso. mso

First heard MSO( McLaren special customization Center ,McLaren Special Operations) These three letters are because “ Mr. Bean ” Rovinj · Atkinson , His ill fated dark chestnut McLaren F1 Smashed to pieces , and MSO Repair it step by step . Of course , The old car is just MSO A small part of the responsibility , Want to know this “ A small workshop in woking's small workshop ” Are there any basic businesses ? Master the following , Next time I meet McLaren, I won't panic .

MSO Born in 2011 year , It's not too early , But at this time, its business has been going on for a long time , The opportunity for its independence is One-off Model McLaren X-1 Well received , The Department was encouraged , Decided to go further on the road of customization .

Mclaren MSO: There's so much business

It is said that McLaren F1 need 8000km/1 Once a year , transmission shaft 、 The service life of the clutch is also very short ,“ Mr. Bean ” My car has been changed 8 Set the clutch , Finally sold at a sky high price , This can not do without MSO Take good care of ( Of course, it is inseparable from the reputation of the car owner ).

Mclaren MSO: The new car is so handsome

Next , I'll show you a few models made by MSO Build a new car , From these products, we can see that its refitting style is partial restraint , I like to add some salute elements to the details , It shows the pride of being a top sports car brand . If you like Mansory Like that “ Sell carbon Weng ” orientation ,MSO It can also be satisfied , But the price will be quite outrageous .

Edit comment on : Karen has had ups and downs in recent years , We see one after another with the crazy expansion of the product line “ God car ”, I also heard the news that it was going to sell its headquarters building to make working capital . I hope McLaren and MSO Can pull through , Because for car fans who like this small factory , These models in the article are desktop wallpaper after desktop wallpaper , It is also an exciting moment after another .

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