Exclusive interview | join hands with Li Chen and others to promote the brand of "script kill" and "start", what does Zhuo ran film want?

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exclusive interview join hands li

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The bookshelf displays 《 Four wonderful books of Japanese reasoning 》《 Game of thrones : A song of ice and fire 》 And multiple sets of animation , The walls are covered with movie posters , There are two big aquariums with blue light in the corner of the room , Bright tropical fish swim in it ―― Office furnishings silently convey the owner's daily hobbies .

“ First of all, I am a heavy player who has played scripts for thousands of hours , I like playing hard core reasoning , So I'll do it .” Why enter the script industry , Zhang Jin said .

For the film industry , Zhang Jin, founder of Zhuo ran film, is no stranger , Participate in 110 More than one film project ,《 Philharmonic City 》《 Island of dogs 》《 Little Lori's monkey god uncle 》 Behind the imported films, there is a figure of its promotion , be responsible for 《 Old gun son 》《 Cohabitation beyond time and space 》 And so on , And participated in the production of 《 Luo Xiaohei's war 》《 White Snake : origin 》 And a series of public praise works .

recently , This name is different from “ The script kills ” Frequently appear together . In recent days, , Zhuo ran film works with the script to kill the ace screenwriter team of variety Arts “ Junyi Phoenix ( Representative work 《 Star detective 》、《 Escape from the secret chamber 》)” Jointly build , Launch a new script to kill industry service organizations “ Departure ”, Actor Li Chen is co-founder . The film and television industry is inextricably linked with the script killing industry on the air outlet , As the first film and television organization to participate in it , How will Zhuo ran plan the layout , And what kind of wild hope ?

stay “ Original stage ” Bow to the game : Thinking of film publicity “ reform ” The script kills the industry

Happy variety book 《 My sister who makes trouble 》, Hard core science fiction 《 Xinghan is far away 》, Japanese case reasoning 《 confessions 》, European interpretation book 《 fate ・ Black trio 》, Antique books 《 Commit murder by relying on the United States 》…… This is a “ Departure ” Some of the first works . Earlier this month. ,“ A ZHENGJING ” The Beijing exhibition was held , Announced nearly 100 A well-known person who has reached an intention to cooperate IP.

It is reported that ,“ The next batch IP The release of may be placed in 9 End of month 10 At the beginning of . Authorization from different types and platforms , Network literature , A novel , Comic , Games all have .”

From the beginning of the year to 8 month , Zhang Jin prepared for half a year . Both he and his wife are obsessed with the script , Deep understanding and observation of the script industry ; He judged it to be a good content driven track , It is an offline entertainment and social scene that meets the future demands of young people , And it may be combined with more offline scenes ; As a film promotion company , Yes Sufficient distribution advantages ; Li Chen and he are good friends , Often participate in outstanding film and television project cooperation , After a chat , Li Chen actively participated in , And put forward some suggestions . Several conditions are set simultaneously , Call out “ Departure ”.

The script killing industry is booming . AI media consulting data display , end 2021 In the first half of , Existing in China 36.1% Consumers prefer to choose scripts , This kind of offline entertainment is second only to watching movies (38.3%) Sports and fitness (36.4%); In the player group 90 Retrocession 55.9%, And 76.3% A group of players gathered in a 、 Second-tier cities . The script kills the industry 2020 The market scale reaches 117.4 Billion , expect 2023 Expected to reach 566.8 One hundred million yuan . According to the data of meituan Research Institute , As of this year 4 month , The number of domestic stores has risen to 4.5 Thousands of families , Soared dozens of times .

The track is bustling , But script killing is still a relatively small entertainment ,“ There are only 12 million core players ”. meanwhile ,“ scattered ”“ The disorderly ” There are still some shoddy productions in the script killing industry 、 Plagiarize and wash the manuscript 、 The author is weak 、 Irregular distribution and other chaos , It's shortboard , It's also a Nuggets opportunity .

As a “ Heavy players ”, What Zhang Jin sees is that he is in the early stage of development , Quality is the key to domestic scripts 、 Experience instability .“ I played a good book today , I'm very happy , I'll play again tomorrow , Just step in a hole . Or I'm a good one this time DM Bring me Ben , Next time you meet a bad DM, Or meet a few players who are not online at all , The experience will also be bad .”

As the founder of a film and television publicity and development company , Think from an industry perspective , What Zhang Jin sees is the pain point of the script industry . The industry is in a state of lack of norms “ Original stage ”, Lack of data management and unified quality control , Makes the experience difficult to standardize ,ToC Less publicity at the end , Most players belong to “ Passive choice ”. What he wants to do is , Amplify the core drive , Expand content richness , Extended forms and themes , Improve publicity efficiency .

Many years of experience and thinking in the film industry have been used for reference in screenplay .“ Departure ” The first thing to do is “ Explore the shop ”. Run to the cinema one by one with the past , Count the... Of each theater IMAX Number of halls 、 Annual box office output 、 The logic of user preferences is similar , Its film ground distribution team turned into “ The script killed the ground distribution team ”, Come to the main stores in the first and second tier cities , About the business situation 、 Is there a real room 、DM Number 、 Investigate and count the number of members . At present, it has covered 7000 stores , After that, it will be targeted according to the store situation “ Push the script ”. at present , Zhuo Ran is the first person in the industry to do this systematically , The whole team is still expanding .

In terms of content , Zhang Jin said that he would Strict quality control , Strengthen internal evaluation and testing .“ Departure ” Introduction “ Play treasure basin plan ”, Consists of “ The departure is strictly selected ”、“ Departure boutique ” Two brands , The former refers to the script of cooperative agency copyright , The latter refers to self-made content and exclusive signed author content , Including the works of Junyi Phoenix . Of the two major brands KPI Currently designated as “ Not less than... Per month 10 A release project ”. The next step will be to choose a cooperative store , It is specially DM train , namely “ Strict selection and certification ”, And provide script output .

Besides , Based on its own distribution advantages , Prominently and pertinently improve Toc The promotion of , As a core entry point ,“ Give Way C End users actively want to play this script , To let the store reduce some pressure . For the store , Every time you buy a script , You can get better benefits .”

Past , Screenplay exhibitions are held in different cities every month , The store mainly adopts “ Running Exhibition ” Supplement the new edition in a new way , Attract players . In time 、 Money 、 With limited energy , This method may be inefficient . Zhang Jin's view is ,“ Can the exhibition be superimposed with some more efficient models , For example, our way of national ground Promotion , Push our quality scripts directly to every store , Provide complete after-sales service , Yes DM Conduct assessment and training , Players get a stable quality assurance experience .”

future , In the best of circumstances ,“ Departure ” Trying to push forward the establishment of a positive cycle , The formation of Sub Ledger mode : Improve publicity efficiency - Improve quality control - Authors get higher income - More excellent authors enter - Expansion of user scale .

“ Re establish a new distribution mechanism in the upstream, middle and downstream , Instead of the existing mechanism , The overall revenue scale of the industry will expand in the future , Plus reasonable income distribution , It will make the industry enter a healthy cycle , In fact, what we want to do is to speed up this process .”

Content input is unlimited : The script is movie and television 、 Capitalization is still in its early stages

“ My own character is like this , Driving me to try new things , Success or failure , Character decides fate .”

Past , Zhang Jin is in Huayi 、 Ray's career experience is not directly related to the film . In Huayi, I was responsible for marketing , Be responsible for the program director in the light .2014 year , He founded Zhuo ran film .2020 year , Zhuo ran film works with ten media to jointly create a new brand of idol brokerage “ Eleven media ”, This year announced the launch of “ Departure ”, These are slightly “ transboundary ” The business of , In fact, there is still a deep connection with the core business .

At present , Movies IP Adapted script kill , And the screenplay is in full swing . The former is conducive to prolonging IP Life cycle , Push IP Income diversification , In turn, promote the publicity of film and television projects , The latter is based on IP, Provides for direct development 、 A relatively mature script . But limited by the size of the audience and the media , Script killing is obviously weaker than film and television in communication , Has not yet hatched a real burst of money , Therefore, in the market, film and television adaptation scripts kill more than scripts kill adaptation films and television .

Little black detective, an online script killing platform, previously launched 《 In the fourteenth year of Chenghua 》 Derivative scripts kill , Founder Wang Huanyue recently announced the launch of 《 The wind of langyabang rises in Changlin 》《 Startling by each step 》《 Butterfly cemetery 》 Three IP Screenplay Adaptation Project . Reading group 《 Celebrate more than 》IP The derivative script was killed this year in 600 Limited sales in three cities , And announced the launch of 《 Full-time Master 》《 Ghost blows 2》、《 Doulo land 2》《 One man fixes the immortals 》《 Remaining crime 》 Script kill . This year, , Beijing supernatural power Culture Communication Co., Ltd. announced that it will take the form of online interactive drama , Adaptation of divine five person Edition 《 Annual ring 》.

Considering Zhuo Ran's own main film and television industry ,“ Departure ” Undoubtedly, it also brings the linkage between film and television and script 、 Mutual adaptation of imagination .“ This is at least easier to achieve than shadow travel linkage . The game has its world view , But the character line and story line are not movie and television , Script adaptation is more difficult . The script is equivalent to an internal and public beta version , Don't think about it first IP The flow level , It has great advantages at least from the solid degree of the content itself …… There is no limit to the type , As long as the fire, we will consider adaptation .” But Zhang Jin admitted ,“ At present, there are not many scripts of adaptation value , This has something to do with the market being not big enough , There aren't many real hits IP, But we can see that young authors show some interesting brain holes , There is nothing in the past film and television works .”

On the other hand , Recently, there has been a lot of news about financing in the market .8 month 2 Japan , Script content distribution and trading platform “ Little black detective ” Registration information shows , Shares held by Yuewen group 10%, Become “ Little black detective ” The third largest shareholder ;7 month 30 Japan , The online and offline scripts have killed the brand “ Master of reasoning ” Completed the investment of tens of millions of dollars from Meihua venture capital Pre-A Round of funding .

A number of media have given “ Capital Carnival 、 Collective bet on the script to kill the track ” The title of the . Based on the actual financing amount and the number of investment and financing events , Zhang Jin gave different views ,“ What I know so far , At present, most of the capital is still in a wait-and-see state , Then a small amount of investment in start-ups , In fact, it may have the attribute of strategic investment . For them , Invest $18 million , Make a simple layout and try , I don't think this matter is representative . If mainstream financial institutions layout this industry in large numbers , Can we really say that it has become a trend .”

Most of the above investment and financing occur on online platforms , Its logic is not difficult to understand : The initial stage of industry development , Online platform user data is intuitive and visible , Low customer acquisition cost . But Zhang Jin judged , The core gene and charm of the script still exist in the offline experience .“ The voice version of the platform must be transformed in the future , Otherwise, it may be eliminated slowly . Its future development , There may be more forms for offline scenes , for instance VR Real scene , Including some multimedia methods .”

Because this is an offline gene 、 Face to face social business , therefore “ A complete monopoly ” It may be difficult to appear .“ For some time to come , The industry may be more and more subdivided , But the head is difficult to appear in the short term .”“ In fact, any judgment now , It's too early , Content empowerment is a big trend , This product must have a long-term possibility , All periodic problems will be improved .”

It is reported that , The highest price for a single play is millions . A long-term bet on the future track , Zhuo Ran's answer is “ There is no upper limit on content input ”. Zhang Jin gave an example :“ For example, the average income of a play kill , Connect the first, second, third and fourth tier cities , Let's average , The unit price 80 many ,6 personal , We press 500 It's only a dollar , So there are 3 Wanjiadian , Every store has one , Namely 1500 ten thousand , If on 10 site , Namely 1.5 Billion, right ? The duration may be extended to within a year , There is no such problem as the schedule of movies , It can last a long time , Push back , Invested tens of millions in a high-quality script , Don't you .”

Script killing is a game , And for the entrants in the script killing industry , This is also a game that lasts for more than a few years , Advance and retreat, attack and defend , No regrets . In the future “ Departure ” What kind of development will it usher in ? We will continue to pay attention .

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