Come on, come on! The monthly salary of 8000 is a value-added choice! Southeast DX7 vs Lingpai

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come come monthly salary value-added

Which of new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles is more in line with the needs of consumers , This also depends on local conditions 、 Differ from man to man . How to choose a gasoline car ? I don't know these two cars DX7 And Ling pie are not to your taste . Are these two cars mules or horses , Let's take a look at their actual performance .

models : Southeast DX7 2019 paragraph 1.5T Automatic Zhilian fashion version countries VI

The guided :10.99 Ten thousand yuan

Southeast DX7 2019 paragraph 1.5T The front of automatic Zhilian fashion version looks very fashionable , The car X The lattice is decorated with chrome ornaments , Then match it with personalized headlights , The most striking thing is the front face .

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