Chang'an changed the engine! When the 2022 unit was officially unveiled, I asked Nissan Xiaoke if he was afraid

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chang changed engine unit officially

It's brand new 2022 Section Chang'an UNIT Cenozoic compact SUV Appearance , This young SUV Will carry the new Chang'an blue whale 1.5TNE The engine , matching 7 Fast double clutch gearbox , This new power system , Compared with cash, it has obvious upgrading and evolution , For a significant improvement in fuel economy , And make the overall power output more linear , changan UNIT The overall price level ranks 10~15 Wan grade , And Nissan Xiaoke are standard competitors , And this model shows the breath of the new generation and the performance of youth , Compared with Nissan Xiaoke, it is more competitive , The current model is replaced with a new engine , The overall strength is improved again , Just ask me if I'm afraid !

2022 Section Chang'an UNIT

This model adopts a new color , Green car body is rare in the domestic market , This color is very personalized , Meet the current young people's pursuit of individuality , The overall appearance of the model adopts a sense of science and technology , Futuristic design style , So in fact, matching personalized colors will not appear very abrupt , The appearance of the model is still very recognizable .

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