100km acceleration only takes 5.7s, Lingke 03 + cyan customized version

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100km km acceleration takes 5.7s

recently , Led the g 03+Cyan The customized official map was officially released , The overall design of the new car refers to link 03 Cyan The style of the concept car . Blue paint and collar 03 WTCR The car is quite similar , It looks quite dynamic .

Details , The front face is still designed with split headlights . Side added “CYAN” Black jacquard , With blackened rims and large yellow brake calipers , The visual effect is quite fierce . The Yellow jacquard on the roof also adds a trace of vitality to the body .

The exaggerated rear wing is no ornament , It can provide sufficient downforce for the car at high speed . Besides , Bilateral four outlet exhaust and heat sink are showing their track properties .

motivation , Officials say the new car uses Drive-E T5 Drive system , The most powerful 195kW, Maximum torque 380N·m,0~100km/h The acceleration time is only 5.7s.

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