2022 JAC Ruifeng m3 will be officially released at Chengdu auto show on August 29

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jac ruifeng m3 officially released

In recent days, , According to relevant sources ,2022 paragraph Jianghuai refine M3 Will be in 8 month 29 The Chengdu auto show was officially released on the th , The styling and configuration have been upgraded .

aesthetic ,2022 Jianghuai Ruifeng M3 As a new model , In the interior , Will make some adjustments , Different from previous models . configuration , Will also be upgraded , Somewhat different , More competitive .

Dynamic part , According to the current information ,2022 Jianghuai Ruifeng M3 Will be equipped with 1.5T And 1.8L The engine . The transmission part , Will match 5 Speed manual transmission .

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