The new Changan uni-t with upgraded details will sell for 115900-138900 yuan

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new changan uni-t uni upgraded

8 month 25 Japan , The new changan UNI-T list , A total of 5 models , Price range: 11.59 ten thousand -13.89 Ten thousand yuan . More current models , The new car mainly upgrades the details and configuration , For example, a new body color 、 Rim style, etc , At the same time, the dynamic parameters have also been upgraded .

In view of the successful styling of the current model , Therefore, there is no need to make drastic adjustments to the new models , It's an upgrade for the details , So as to create a better visual effect . The iconic borderless medium grid matches the grid on both sides “ A clover ” Hidden lamp group , Quite brilliant . in addition , The new car also offers a brand-new mecha green body color matching option .

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