What are you waiting for? The car owners said the incense was dead! Accord vs wey vv7 GT

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waiting car owners said incense

Want a comfortable driving experience , In fact, it has a certain relationship with all aspects of the vehicle . The next two cars to be written are 5 A model , They are accord and WEY VV7 GT, I wonder how practical they are . As for their advantages , Please look down .

models : Honda accord 2018 paragraph 260TURBO Deluxe edition

The guided :19.98 Ten thousand yuan

The accord 2018 paragraph 260TURBO The front face of the luxury version presents a solid design style , Match with Aquarius grille , The appearance full of hardliners creates a strong sense of domineering .

The length, width and height of the car are 4893/1862/1449mm, The wheelbase is 2830mm. The car's tires are from Michelin , The specifications of the front and rear tires are 225/50 R17, The car adopts a double five spoke wheel rim design , The side of the car presents a stable design style , It looks more atmospheric .

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