Is the Great Wall finally coming out of the car? Wey new car exposure, retro British style, or hybrid

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great wall finally coming car

The Great Wall is going to have cars many times , In fact, we can't blame everyone for guessing , Many times before the auto show , The great wall itself has released posters of cars , Just every time , These models are not divided into great wall or high-end WEY brand , Instead, it was distributed to the sub brand Euler, which focuses on the pure electricity market . The Chengdu auto show is approaching , The great wall also began to warm up , Except for confirmed tanks 500 Outside , The Great Wall has released a poster of a retro new car , There is not much news, but it is still very touching .

This new car is called V72, The appearance adopts a retro style , And unlike previous tanks 300 It's a different style , You can see from the poster that , The locomotive of this car is designed as a locomotive , Transverse U Type chrome plating Division , Round retro lamp sets are adopted on both sides , In the middle is WEY The logo of , The temperament is very strong , Of course, from the models recently released by the Great Wall , It is conceivable that the interior of this car will not be retro , Instead, it adopts the scientific and technological concept of large screen integration and intelligent vehicle machine , Don't worry about using .

WEY As the high-end series of the Great Wall , It is also the first high-end brand for domestic auto enterprises , But because only SUV, The development is compared with Geely's Lingke and the emerging Chang'an UNI The series is sluggish , And link and UNI The series has launched the car business . It's time for the Great Wall to start in WEY The car business is arranged above , This retro model can also be seen as a small attempt . Huff, big dog and tank 300 The success of the , It also shows that this retro design is feasible in high-end cars .

At present, in addition to the front appearance of the poster , There is not much information about the interior, dimensions and power parameters of this car . But this car should not grab Euler's job. It uses a pure electric model , Otherwise, brand positioning will conflict , It is expected to use fuel or plug-in hybrid , As for how powerful the power is, it depends on the size and positioning of the car , It gives the impression that it should be an entry-level model .

On the whole, this car still gives people great expectations , Every great wall auto show is very surprising , It's not just the design of the car that can always play new tricks , The naming of the car is also informal , Both tanks and big dogs are very chic . So this car besides the car itself , How to name it is also worth looking forward to .

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