It's a long face this time! What are you thinking? Who says you can't buy it with a monthly salary of 8000? Ruicheng CC vs sharing domain

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long face time thinking says

10-20 10000 is the price range that most people will focus on when buying a car , Because you can choose Chinese brand models with high configuration in this price range , In addition, you can also buy the same popular joint venture brand car . For models at this price , You might as well take a look at Ruicheng CC And enjoy domain . Their strength is good or bad, we still need to know , Let's take a look at it next .

models : Chang'an Ruicheng CC 2020 paragraph 1.5T Automatic tide sharp type

The guided :11.29 Ten thousand yuan

Ruicheng CC 2020 paragraph 1.5T The automatic tide sharp front face presents a sporty design style , With sharp headlights , The design looks very personalized .

Look at the headlights , Ruicheng CC 2020 paragraph 1.5T The automatic tide sharp model adopts a sharp headlamp design , Standard configuration LED Distance light , Create a strong three-dimensional feeling .

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