How many steps are there to go camping with pengyou? A "changeable" Xiaopeng P5 is enough

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steps camping pengyou changeable xiaopeng

Camping with pengyou is divided into several steps ? a “ Variety ” Xiao peng P5 Is enough

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Both urban workers , My friends and I like the most leisure way after busy work , It's a camping trip from time to time . Recently, , The friend with a car is too busy at work , I can't find time to take a group of our friends out , The plan for camping was put on hold . reasoning , I decided to get my own car , Realize the camping dream of walking away . After careful screening , Xiao peng P5 Into my sight .

Huge space , Enjoy a comfortable camping experience

Speaking of Xiao Peng P5 The most satisfying part , Large space must be on the list , It has a 4808mm/1840mm/1520mm Body size , as well as 2768mm The wheelbase , There is plenty of space in the car , You can even put down the front seats , Level with rear row , Connect into a big bed , So we don't even have to bring tents , Xiao peng P5 You can incarnate in the big bed room of a star hotel , Sleep safely in the car at night , Don't worry about mosquito bites , Have a good sleep , Beauty is not true ?

Private cinema , Unlock super hi car life

Except the space is big enough , Xiao peng P5 I'm also quite satisfied with the changeable attributes of , Need to know , There is no entertainment in the wild at night , Lying in the car and sleeping directly, I can't sleep , What should I do at this time ? Xiao peng P5 Tell you : Watch a movie ! Turn on the car mounted Jimi custom ultra clear projector , Then connect the audio and Bluetooth , Play a movie you like , A private theater in the wild is built . Lie down comfortably and watch the movie , When you're thirsty , Then take out a bottle of beverage from the rear car refrigerator , Feel the comfortable atmosphere created by the moderate fragrance in the car and the three-dimensional surround Dolby sound effect , It's more than 100 million .

If there is really a treasure car specially designed for camping enthusiasts like me in the world , Then it must be Xiao Peng P5, It not only has more than B The super large space of the first-class fuel car is not inferior , Let's realize our dream of camping with a big bed , More able to turn into a private theater every minute , Unlock S+ First class movie viewing experience . Facing such a perfect camping partner , Try to ask , Which camp er I don't care ?

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