Chang'an "science fiction" new pure tram appeared, with a size exceeding model 3 and a higher return rate

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chang science fiction new pure

The popularity of new energy vehicles makes domestic automobile brands shine in the field of new energy vehicles , After BYD launched the blade battery , The technology of pure electric vehicles goes to a higher level , In domestic brands , Chang'an brand, which focuses on the young market , Also yesterday , Officially unveiled a new pure electric model C385, The car is based on EPA1 Pure electric platform , The appearance of the car is very cool , I believe that after listing in the future , The return rate is no less than that of a million luxury cars , It gives people a feeling in science fiction movies .

The appearance of the new electric car brings us a different feeling of Chang'an , It's not like Chang'an automobile belongs to that kind of sports style , And the car gives us a sci-fi style , It will also attract the attention of more young riders . The front face has a closed design , The headlights are edged with black lines , Design of inclined style , Make the front face look more aggressive , The encirclement looks thick , Three stage design , The grids are blackened , Improves the sportiness of the front of the car .

The side of the body brings a distinctive style , Sliding back design , Hidden door handle design , It is equipped with two-color semi closed hub ring , The side motion is improved a lot . The tail adopts the through tail lamp design , The blackened lamp body plus the interior LED Fill of light source , It achieves a strong degree of identification . The car body will also be made of carbon fiber - Aluminum alloy hybrid structure body , It has greatly improved the lightweight and safety of vehicles . The color of the vehicle , After going public in the future , Driving on the street , Naturally, the return rate is not low .

changan C385 The body size is 4800*1880*1480mm, The wheelbase is 2880mm, And competitor Tesla Model 3 Compared with the size of , It's obviously a big circle . As a pure electric vehicle , We are more concerned about the endurance of this car , Refer to the same platform CS55 E-Rock If you have a range , It is estimated that the range of the new car will also be in 500 To 600 km , As a new product , It may also be higher .

More Than This , The car is also equipped with APA7.0 Remote valet parking system , This is also the first electric drive high frequency pulse heating technology in the world , The problem of battery endurance at low temperature is realized , This will be for some areas with low temperature in winter , It's also good news .

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