The tank 300 is re powered, and the new Ranger version is listed, with a guide price of 248800

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tank powered new ranger version

In recent days, , tanks 300 The official upgraded Ranger car is on the market , The car uses the latest logo of the tank brand , The visual impact of the front face is strong . also , Guide price of the car 24.88 ten thousand .

The mechanical feeling of the front face is full , The round two-sided headlight set is retro and atmospheric ,“ One ” The blessing of the zigzag light belt has recognition . The air intake grille with transverse treatment is tough in style , The mechanical feeling is full of surrounding and wrapping the circular fog lamp , The front bumper is solid and steady .

The side of the car body is a square box shape , The luggage rack on the roof was painted black , Beautiful and practical . Wide and thick three-dimensional wheel eyebrows 、 Large size alloy wheel hub and Baluch KO2 major AT Off road tyres , Full of motivation .

The external tires at the rear of the car are very wide , The vertical bilateral tail lamp group adopts rectangular design , angular . The lower enclosure is thick and stable , It has certain security attributes . New car carrying 2.0T The engine , matching 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox .

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