Made with ingenuity! Latest information! You can win it with a monthly salary of 8000! Santana vs Beijing Hyundai ix25

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Which of new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles is more in line with the needs of consumers , This also depends on local conditions 、 Differ from man to man . Today we recommend two gasoline cars , Santana and Beijing Hyundai ix25. Let's take you to appreciate their style .

models : Volkswagen Santana 2019 paragraph Ho Na 1.5L Automatic comfort plate countries VI

The guided :11.59 Ten thousand yuan

santana 2019 paragraph Ho Na 1.5L The automatic comfortable version of the Chinese net uses a three banner design , Decorated with many silver strips , Although the size is relatively small , But it looks fashionable , With a simple front , It has improved the whole vehicle to a certain level .

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