Power improvement new sport noble 2022 Changan uni-t car purchase manual

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power improvement new sport noble

8 month 25 Japan ,2022 paragraph changan UNI-T Officially listed , common 5 Product configuration , Pricing for 11.59 ten thousand -13.89 Ten thousand yuan , The new car has been upgraded in terms of appearance and interior details , At the same time, the power performance has also been improved , In addition, a new sports noble . As a new model of the year , New Changan UNI-T Integrated into “ Machine armor ” The elements of , At the same time, more popular sports kits are added , The classic borderless grille has been retained , The interior of the grille is equipped with “ A clover ” Like hidden lamp group , In addition, a new kit has been installed under the front enclosure of the new car , Added orange trim for embellishment , The whole looks more sporty .

Design of two-color body on the side of the body , Cooperate with the concealed door handle and the roof line sliding to the rear , The sports atmosphere is very good ; It is worth mentioning that , The new car has been changed 20 Inch cyclone wheel hub , The interior is also equipped with bright yellow calipers , It is very in line with the aesthetics of young consumers .

The interior is available in light gray and black , With the cross drawing panel with stronger metal texture , The whole looks more quality ; meanwhile , The new car adopts large-size dual screen design , And equipped with FACE ID And super account face brushing function , Also carry the UNI Life Intelligent vehicle computer interaction system .

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