2022 Porsche taycan pure electric super run announces new official map

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porsche taycan pure electric super

IT The home of 8 month 25 Daily news According to foreign media CarandDriver reports , Porsche officials recently announced 2022 Porsche Taycan New picture of pure electric supercar , Picture shows ,Taycan A new bright red paint has been added .

Besides , porsche Taycan Pure electric super run will also be equipped with an upgraded remote parking aid system , And an optimized power system , Faster charging speed . porsche Taycan Remote park assist system , You can use mobile apps , When there is no one in the car , Park the car in the parking space , Similar to Tesla's call function .

Porsche officials also said ,Taycan Of 71.0 kWh and 83.7 kWh The battery pack can now be pre adjusted to a slightly higher temperature than before , This helps to charge a little faster . But the official hasn't announced yet 2022 Range of this model .

IT Home learned , According to introducing ,2022 Porsche Taycan Will provide more than 65 Two colors of spray paint are available for users to choose , The model will go on sale before the end of this year , The selling price is 81250 dollar ( about 52.65 RMB 10,000 yuan ).

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