The top speed is 45km / h, so please give me a dozen!

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speed 45km km dozen

Agatsuma MINI EV Appearance , Let those who have been neglected for a long time A00 Class a models are back in the sight of consumers , For European and other markets that prefer mini cars , New energy has also become the best help for them to launch more novel mini cars .

recently , Opel Rocks-e Global launch , New car positioning city new era electric vehicle , Between scooters and passenger cars , To put it bluntly, that's what we often say “ Old man music ”, Even in front of it , Agatsuma MINI EV It's a serious car . It is reported that , Vehicles will be booked in Germany this autumn .

The official definition of this model is very simple ——Sustainable Urban Mobility, It's a driving tool that can block the wind and rain , you 're right , It's not even defined as a car “ vehicle ”, So in Germany , Over the age of 15 One year old and have AM A licensed driver can drive on the road , After all, this little guy is only 2.41 rice , wide 1.39 rice , Can accommodate two passengers , It belongs to the category that can be carried away when parked on the roadside .

Of course , In terms of power, it can't meet people's expectations , Battery capacity 5.5 KWH , Fast 45 km / Hours , life 75 km , Not even as good as a calf ......

however “ Humble ” The positioning of the car can't erase the bright spot of the new car , In appearance, it is different from most miniature cars we have seen before , There are rich design elements hidden on the small car mountain , It seems to take into account the sense of future , And maintain the lovely temperament of this level model . The asymmetric opening of the doors on both sides also looks quite cool , Of course , I guess this design is due to the necessity of the body structure . Although it is almost impossible for this car to be introduced into China , Its practicability in China is also obviously not high , But at least it shows us another kind of mini car “ Open mode ”, If you can really buy it, the market should not be too bad .

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