Another new car has been officially announced. Beijing U5 plus will start booking at Chengdu auto show

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new car officially announced. announced

【 Smart car news 】 recently , The smart car sect learned from the official , In the coming month 29 The opening day of 2021 Chengdu auto show , Beijing U5 PLUS( Parameter picture ) The reservation will be opened . The car made its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show , And announced the pre-sale price on the occasion of its appearance , Its pre-sale range is 7.0 ten thousand -11.0 Ten thousand yuan .

Beijing U5 PLUS

In appearance design , The new car continues the family design at the same time , It also adds many young elements . On the front face , The car adopts the very popular hexagonal big mouth shape , Supplemented by black air intake grille , Give people a strong sense of movement . The headlights on both sides of the separation grille adopt LED The light source , Equipped with LED Daytime running lights and automatic headlights , Match with the plated strip running through the front face , The visual impact is full . At the rear of the car , The new car adopts one-piece penetration LED The rear tail lamp has the effect of running water steering lamp , It can bring good visual effect .

Beijing U5 PLUS

A slight change in appearance , The interior of the new car has been greatly upgraded . The car adopts 7 Inch center control screen +12.3 Dual screen design of inch HD dashboard , The whole interior has a sense of Technology 、 The sense of quality has been greatly improved . Equipped with the new Botai mobile phone interconnection system , It can realize the application screen projection in Android mobile phone , And can be interconnected through mobile phones , Provide rich voice control functions .

Beijing U5 PLUS interior

motivation , The car offers 1.5L High and low power engines and 1.5T The engine has two kinds of power , among 1.5L The maximum power of the low power engine is 105 horsepower , Maximum torque 134 cattle · rice , matching CVT transmission ; and 1.5L The maximum power of high power engine is 116 horsepower , Maximum torque 148 cattle · rice , matching 5 Gear manual gearbox .1.5T The maximum power of the engine is 150 horsepower , The peak torque is zero 210 cattle · rice .

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