Marvel R's combat test drive experience!

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marvel combat test drive experience

A good car not only needs excellent comprehensive performance , And a killer mace . MARVEL R Since this year, 2 Since its launch in June , Keep grinding the product , Combat effectiveness .

MARVEL R face 0-100km/h The acceleration of ,“s” curved 、 Emergency line change 、 The road is bumpy 、 Automatic parking, etc 7 Test drive subjects take turns .“4.8 Second break 100,1.9 Second break 50” The ejection of began with the data released by the manufacturer . in fact , Such data can easily be easily rushed out by ordinary drivers . This is mainly due to MARVEL R Equipped with a powerful power system .MARVEL R Equipped with Hair-pin Hairpin winding motor , Dual motor rear drive version , Rated power 137kw, Peak torque 410n·M. If there is a higher demand for performance , Users can also choose to be based on MARVEL R Pro Models of 4WD Surging performance suit , Obtain all wheel drive capability of three motors , Achieve rated power up to 222kw, Peak torque 665n·M. With this peak torque , It's obviously not difficult to break five in the 100 meter sprint .

MARVEL R The automatic parking function of is an application that users often use . When the vehicle enters the parking lot , Press the button on the big screen to prepare for parking , The vehicle will find a free parking space by itself , The parking space will be displayed on the screen . The driver selects the position to park , single click “ Start parking ” Button , The rest will be handed over to MARVEL R Intelligent parking system . In the standard parking space ,MARVEL R You can usually stop at one time . The vehicle automatically controls the gear 、 to turn to 、 Brake and drive system ,40 Accurately complete vehicle warehousing within seconds . Under the fusion of visual perception and radar perception ,MARVEL R Can be easily identified and clearly displayed 10 Multiple parking spaces , And support multiple parking space selection . It can handle freely in vertical direction and side .

In heatstroke prevention ,MARVEL R It not only has rare front ventilated seats at the same level , It is also equipped with ultra-thin air intelligent and efficient heat pump air conditioning system . Heating energy consumption ratio of heat pump air conditioning system in winter PTC Low heating mode 37.5% about . Hidden air outlet design is more beautiful , Highlight the sense of interior technology and high-end quality . What is more surprising is the convenient and comfortable experience brought by the intelligent air conditioning system . It not only supports one touch remote start 、 Automatic cabin temperature measurement and intelligent power regulation , It also has intelligent sweeping function , It can be adjusted intelligently “ Give ”、“ Avoid people ” and “ Automatic sweeping ” Three models , Let you enjoy the breeze without your hands . With the help of AQS Air quality control system 、 Anion purification system and anti coronavirus filter element , You can enjoy smart 、 health 、 Travel comfortably .

COOL DRIVING R The car driving experience camp in summer will also go to more cities in China , A good car needs enough patience and strength to communicate with consumers . After SAIC's in-depth layout of smart cars , With R The new car represented by automobile is imagining with scientific and technological achievements , Prepare for the arrival of the electric vehicle era .

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