Don't you think about such a good car? With a monthly salary of 5000, choose it without hesitation! Domestic SUV of 70000 yuan is cheap and good. Southeast DX3 vs Baojun 510

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don think good car monthly

Now? 7-8 About 10000 cars can be said to have done well , It can fully meet the needs of general vehicles , The configuration is also complete , It's very suitable to buy a vegetable cart as a substitute . For models at this price , You might as well have a look at the Southeast DX3 And Baojun 510 Both models . So let's take a look at it .

models : Southeast DX3 2019 paragraph 1.5L Manual noble Edition

The guided :7.29 Ten thousand yuan

Southeast DX3 2019 paragraph 1.5L The manual noble front gives a young feeling , Large size X Type grille with angular headlights , It looks quite atmospheric . meanwhile , The headlamp is equipped with halogen high and low beam lamps as standard .

, Southeast DX3 2019 paragraph 1.5L The manual noble interior presents a fashionable design style , Add silver ornaments , It seems that the atmosphere is coordinated . The vehicle is equipped with uphill assistance 、 Reversing image 、 Constant speed cruise and other configurations , Rich in functions , Greatly improve its ease of use .

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