I can't carry it! In addition to selling the seahorse, FAW has even replaced Mazda with Chang'an!

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carry addition selling seahorse faw

Here comes the official statement , Changan Mazda acquires FAW Mazda

We have reported many times these days “ Changan Mazda and FAW Mazda merged ” The news of , In the website of Beijing Equity Exchange and the antitrust bureau of the State Administration of market supervision , We all found out about their merger .

But the most convincing , It's today (8 month 24 Japan ) Mazda 、 Changan Automobile and China FAW jointly issued a report on “ Changan Mazda acquires FAW Mazda ” The official statement of .

Mazda tripartite joint statement

From the statement we see , After the three parties have completed the approval procedures of relevant national government departments in accordance with Chinese laws , Chang'an Mazda will be changed into a joint venture jointly funded by three parties , The proportion of capital contribution is ( Mazda )47.5%、( Changan automobile )47.5%、 and ( FAW China )5%.

among , FAW Mazda will be changed to Mazda and ( new ) A joint venture jointly funded by Chang'an Mazda , In other words, FAW will be the investor of the capital increase project , Become a shareholder .

FAW China

From Mazda's merger , We can find out , Not all car brands can engage in North-South Joint Ventures , Originally this was a “ Have more children and fight , Grab market share ” Good way , However, Mazda's products are very few , On sale 6 This model will also be divided between two companies , Obviously, it is a waste of dealer resources .

Mazda MX-50

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