Test drive the new Buick Willan Pro GS

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test drive new buick willan

New becquerville Pro GS

Inherit family genes

New sports elements

The first GM brand new 1.5T The engine

184 horsepower ,250 cattle · rice

Take the first step in performance

The new car has changed its calm style , More sporty appearance

Blackened net with sharp headlights

Many details on the side are decorated with black elements

Equipped with red brake calipers

Full range of motion

The original factory comes with a large rear spoiler

LED Tail lights create a scientific and technological atmosphere

The interior adopts double screen design, which is in line with the current trend

LCD instrument layout is fashionable and avant-garde

The operation of the central control screen is smooth and easy to use

Black color matching with red suture

Sports style and appearance echo

comfort 、 Active and passive security configuration is rich

In line with the current mainstream level

The new car adopts a transverse engine 、 Transmission layout

It can provide better interior space performance

height 183cm Sit in the back row

Head 、 There is plenty of legroom

The platform is relatively flat The middle seat in the back row can take people for a long distance

The new car is equipped with GM brand new 1.5T The engine

Performance is remarkable High fuel economy

Wide peak torque speed range 、 Electrified turbine

Dynamic response is more positive

When intelligence meets internal combustion engine

What brings is a stronger learning ability

Steel chain CVT Application of transmission

Bring more stability

Match the two

It takes only 100 kilometers to accelerate 7.7 second

WLTC Working condition , Fuel consumption is only 5.95L/100km

About the new becquerville Pro GS

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