The "sedan car" specially built for young people has a cool appearance, faster than civic, less than 100000

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sedan car specially built young

For young people , What they pursue is stimulation , fresh , personality . therefore , When buying automotive products , For those who look cool , The car models with great maneuverability will be more like . however , Want to buy a cost-effective model in the market , And it's not easy to meet your own needs . Especially for young people with insufficient budgets , Even more difficult . that , Today, Xiaobian is going to recommend one for young people “ The car ran ”, The car not only has a fighting appearance , At the same time, it also has a good product power , The most important thing is that its price is still close to the people .

Said so much , Presumably, we can't wait to reveal its true face . you 're right , It is the new compact car launched by GAC motor — Shadow leopard . Speaking of this car , As GAC motor 2021 Heavyweight models in the middle of the year , Naturally, it has attracted great attention from all walks of life . that , Today, let's talk about this car , What excellent performances did you have .

First , Let's talk about its appearance first . Since it is made as a “ Wide body sedan ” Conceptual model , Then we will not be disappointed in appearance and appearance . The shadow leopard , Using a lot of sporty style , With the aggressive and militant Chinese open grille in the front face , Make the whole look very cool and domineering . On the side of the car , It seems to have more momentum of sedan running . This dynamic sliding back , And the low lying body , Plus a five piece sports hub , It really meets the aesthetic needs of young people today .

Secondly, let's talk about the interior part , Open the door , You will find the interior treatment of shadow leopard , It can be said to be quite avant-garde . Simple and atmospheric central control layout , Cooperate with the air outlet of the through air conditioner , Make the overall sense of hierarchy more distinct . And the integrated liquid crystal suspension screen , And electronic gear lever , It makes the car look more scientific and technological . With exquisite and kind materials , There are also rich functional configurations , It's almost impossible to find a fault .

Finally, there is the driving force that we are concerned about , By understanding , We learned that the shadow leopard car , It is equipped with a brand-new third-generation giant wave power 1.5TGDI The engine , And this engine is not only highly reliable , At the same time, the explosive force is also very excellent , Its data performance is even stronger than civic's earth dream , As low as 6.95 Seconds can directly crush Civic , Add deficiency 10 The price of all , Do you have a heart attack ?

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