What kind of confidence should we have? Dare to promise "30 days worry free return"

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kind confidence promise days worry

In our country , from 2014 year 3 month 15 The provisions of the new consumer protection law have been officially implemented since the , Except for some special products ( Such as electronic money 、 Fresh products ) Outside , Goods purchased online shall be purchased from the date of arrival 7 Support return without reason within days . Offline , Some large supermarkets also support ticket 7 Free return within days .

However, it is generally supported that the longest return period is 7 God , This is also a reasonable trial time acceptable to most manufacturers . But for commodities like cars , It's going to be more complicated . For manufacturers , Once the car is set to leave , The engine 、 Gearbox and other parts are bound to wear , To make a long story short , It becomes second-hand . And for consumers , Cars are not commodities that can be understood in a short time . In a matter of 7 Days may not be enough to run in , Not to mention whether there is any fault in the test car .

Although very helpless , This is also the reality . therefore , As car media , We also often advise our friends to try more when buying a car 、 Multiple contrast . But there is one enterprise , Has been committed to safeguarding the rights and interests of consumers , We are also constantly innovating and improving the service level , Improve users' satisfaction and sense of security when accepting automobile consumption and service .

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