"Korean Trend 466" Denise will be on sale in Germany next month, benchmarking BBA. What is the odds of winning?

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korean trend denise sale germany

After the United States , Janice Seth will start selling in Europe next month . The first is the sports car G70 And medium SUV GV70.

According to industry insiders 25 Daily news , Janice Seth will start next month 1 It began selling in Germany from the th . Mercedes - Mercedes 、 High end brands such as BMW and Audi are direct competitors .

Janice Seth originally planned to enter Europe last summer . After the introduction of Crest Grill After the new design language centered on , The original plan was to launch new cars in turn , However, due to the impact of the epidemic and the adverse factors such as the supply and demand of semiconductor chips , The release schedule has been postponed .

After Korea , The first thing to land in the U. S. market is the sports car G70 and SUV GV70. It's an entry-level model of the Denis brand , Equipped with 2.2 L diesel engine 2.0T Engine and 2.5T Gasoline turbocharged engine .

With Mercedes C level 、 BMW 3 system 、 audi A4 Competitive G70, Except for cars , The travel version is also available . It is specially designed for the European market , The sales of station wagon in this market are very high , With excellent performance and sufficient cargo space .

be based on 2.0 L gasoline engine G70 The selling price in Germany is 39,100 euro (29.72 RMB 10,000 yuan ). Due to different tax regulations when buying a car , The selling price in Korea is higher than 4035 All the won (22.41 Ten thousand yuan ) But the European version defaults to four-wheel drive AWD, This is not available in the Korean version .

2.2T Diesel version G70 The price is 41500 euro ( About us 31.56 Ten thousand yuan ), Unlike gasoline , Rear wheel drive is standard , add AWD after , Up to the 46590 euro (35.43 Ten thousand yuan ).

GV70 Will work with Mercedes - Mercedes GLC、 BMW X3 And audi Q5 competition , The price of its diesel engine is lower than that of gasoline engine .GV70 Carrying and G70 same 2.2T Diesel engine 、8 Speed automatic transmission and AWD, The selling price is 45,920 euro ( about 34.92 Ten thousand yuan ).2.5 The price of a liter gasoline turbine engine 49,900 euro (37.95 Ten thousand yuan ). GV70 The selling price in Korea is 5091 All the won (28.27 Ten thousand yuan )( contain AWD). In two cars , None of them contain V6 The engine .

Janice Seth supports the same... As South Korea 5 Year warranty 、 Wireless software update (OTA)、 Genesys exclusive customer service and vehicle replacement service in case of accident .

After Janice Seth entered the European market , In fact, the competitive strategy is not much different from the American market , Is to use a more cost-effective price , And better services are favored by users , For a new brand like Janice Seth , It's the only way .

But Europe is different from the United States , European users prefer local luxury brands , So that foreign luxury brands are difficult to survive in Europe , Lincoln , Cadillac , Lexus has never been successful in the European market , So after Janice Seth entered the European market , Still facing quite a difficult dilemma .

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