Nezha signed a contract with Huawei to apply Huawei intelligent driving for new vehicles to be launched next year

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nezha signed contract huawei apply

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Netease car 8 month 25 Reported Wednesday 2021 year 8 month 25 Japan , Hezhong New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd ( hereinafter referred to as “ Nezha car ”) With Huawei Technology Co., Ltd ( hereinafter referred to as “ Huawei ”) Sign a comprehensive cooperation agreement . This cooperation , Both parties will uphold “ Complementary resources 、 Advantages stack up 、 Mutual benefit and win-win results 、 Promote development together ” The strategic goal of , Relying on the advantages of industrial resources and scientific and technological property rights in their respective fields , Form a long-term and win-win cooperative relationship , Join forces to focus on high-level development in the ecological field of intelligent vehicles , Continue to promote the sustainable development of Nezha automobile intelligent ecosystem , Use Chinese technology to inject new kinetic energy into the construction of a new ecological pattern of intelligent vehicles . Nezha Automobile Association Co creation Zhang Yong, founder and CEO 、 Huawei's intelligent car solution BU President Wang Jun signed cooperation agreements on behalf of both companies .

Signing ceremony site : Wang jun, ( Left ) And Zhang Yong ( Right )

According to the agreement , Nezha automobile and Huawei will be based on the Internet of things 、 Cloud computing 、 Key technologies such as informatization of big data , In intelligent Internet connection 、 On board Computing 、 Intelligent driving 、 Carry out comprehensive cooperation in the fields of digital energy and cloud services . As the first model of bilateral cooperation ,

Nezha, which will be launched next year S Will be applied to Huawei MDC Intelligent driving computing platform and lidar technology , Deeply focus on the new ecology of intelligent driving . Mr. Zhang Yong, co-founder and CEO of Nezha automobile, said at the signing ceremony ,“ Using Chinese technology , Build Chinese smart cars for the world .” Huawei's intelligent car solution BU Mr. Wang Jun, President, also talked about ,“ Huawei will help Nezha , Create better smart cars for consumers , Bring great wisdom to people 、 Pleasure 、 Trusted travel experience ”!

This time, Nezha automobile and Huawei joined hands , It will help Nezha to steadily consolidate its core competitiveness in the era of intelligent vehicles .

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