Saibo tank 300 is officially listed, and the price of 308000 yuan is announced. Can you accept it?

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saibo tank officially listed price

From tank 300 After the launch of , Triggered a wave of cross-country “ orgasm ”, After all, more riders can enjoy off-road conditions with lower threshold . From Cybertron 300 After your appearance , It has also attracted the attention of a group of riders , tanks 300 Your face value is already very high , And cybertanks 300 More beautiful , Than Mercedes G Even more handsome . Cybertron 300 Officially listed , The price is 30.8 Ten thousand yuan , For you , Is it acceptable ? Such a high-value hardcore SUV.

Cybertron 300 And tanks 300 There is still a big difference in your appearance , From the appearance , Cybertron 300 The kit is also a tank 300 What can't be compared with , The front face of the penetrating Chinese net adopts a blackened grille , The round headlamp group is inlaid on both sides of the middle net , The middle of the hood is equipped with a raised cooling air outlet , The thick bumper adopts a prominent style , At the same time, the through blackened grille improves the sense of motion of the car body again .

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